Everyone attending our professional writing skills training uses StyleWriter to guarantee they gain better writing skills.

Training alone cannot change the way people write. Why? Because people fall back into their old writing habits. Most training professionals acknowledge that people forget 80 per cent of what they learn within a week. That’s why, despite going on effective writing courses, people continue to write poorly in the workplace.
StyleWriter solves this shortcoming of traditional writing and plain English courses and is the perfect backup to your training. When your employees finish a report, they use StyleWriter to edit the report into a model of clear, concise English.

“In more than 30 years, I've seen nothing as effective as StyleWriter in delivering long-term writing improvement. No other editing software comes close.” Martin Cutts - UK Plain Language Commission

StyleWriter guarantees you write in a clear, concise and readable style. Here’s the evidence. We measured the improvement in writing style for 500 people attending our training. Half only attended the course. Half attended the course and used StyleWriter to back up the training.
Without StyleWriter, there is little, if any, long-term improvement.

StyleWriter - unique proofreading and editing software

StyleWriter checks a 10,000-word document in 20 seconds against a 200,000 graded word list and a 50,000-word and phrase style and usage checker. StyleWriter analyses and highlights:

  • Words you can change or cut to simplify your style so your reader effortlessly understands your message.
  • Long, complex and wordy sentences to help you trim the fat and write in a clear and concise style.
  • Passive and hidden verbs that make writing tedious, long-winded and ambiguous.
  • Sentence variety which makes writing more interesting and enjoyable to read.
  • Questionable words, such as spelling variants and errors other proofreading tools miss.
  • Jargon, such as abbreviations and acronyms, difficult, unusual and unknown words and abstract phrases that confuse and turn off readers.
  • Word confusions, misused words, spelling, preferred spelling, hyphenation and word division and many more writing issues.
“StyleWriter showed us we're not very good - no we're dreadful - at communicating with our customers. With StyleWriter, I've gained the skill of writing clearly. It's like shining a searchlight through a sea of corporate fog.” Fortune 500 Marketing Manager

Advanced writing statistics

StyleWriter gives you instant feedback to assess your writing style by measuring:
Average Sentence – Key measure of readability
Passive Index – Measure of passive verbs used
Style Index – Measure of plain English issues found
Bog Index – Overall measure of readability and plain English and style
Reading Grade – Measure of ease of reading
Jargon – Measure of use of technical and difficult terms and abstract phrases
Glue – Measure of wordy sentences and style

“I'd strongly recommend you look closely at the StyleWriter editing software. It transforms writing into clear, concise and readable style - a style lacking in most documents.” Annetta Cheek - Chair of the US Federal Government's Plain Language Group

StyleWriter demonstration videos